8 February 2022
Afruibana joins global coalition to defend fresh fruit and vegetables against inflation
The Pan-African Fruit Growers and Exporters Association, Afruibana, and the ColeACP have joined their counterparts to form a global coalition to address the rising costs of […]
18 September 2021
Global cost increases: building a fair and sustainable banana value chain together (Afruibana)
As we enter the period of contractualization of our commitments for the following year with mass distribution, we, African producers, wish to draw the attention of […]
29 January 2021
AFRICA: Afruibana promotes sustainable agriculture and joins IAM Africa
5 November 2020
“The agricultural sector must be positioned at the forefront of the cooperation policy between the African continent and the European Union”.
3 questions to Matthieu Brun, Head of studies at Club Demeter, doctor in political science, associate researcher at the laboratory “Les Afriques dans le Monde” and […]
30 August 2020
By reducing post-harvest agricultural losses, Africa has the means to improve food security on the continent.
On 29 July, FAO launched a platform against food loss and waste. In addition to providing access to the institution’s resources on losses and waste, the […]
30 June 2020
« The agro-ecological transition, as a political project, can really be an opportunity to build the world after Covid. »
3 questions to , Raphael Belmin, researcher at the Centre de coopération internationale en recherche agronomique pour le développement (CIRAD) hosted in Dakar at the Institut […]
5 June 2020
“For bananas sold on the spot market, the situation is difficult.”
3 questions to… Anthony Blay, President of the Banana Producer Association and vice-president of Afruibana How is the situation managed in Ghana? The pandemic showed up […]
24 March 2020
E-tumba, an innovative start-up that uses digital technology to reinvent agricultural support for African farmers.
 3 questions to… Dieu Donné OKALAS OSSAMI, E-Tumba CEO. What led you to develop this project? What objective have you set yourself through E-Tumba? Today, in […]
23 March 2020
Afruibana reassured and reassured by the maintenance of the free movement of fruit with the EU
While nearly 90% of African banana production is destined for the European market, the European Commission’s Directorate General for Agriculture and Rural Development (DG AGRI) has […]