14 February 2020
Making the agriculture sector attractive to young Africans
Today, agriculture occupies an important place in most African economies: the sector accounts on average for 32% of the GDP of the states in the zone […]
1 January 2020
Afruibana wishes you a happy new year
Afruibana wishes you a happy new year. May it be for you, at any level, an opportunity for development and fulfillment. 2020 will be a decisive […]
12 July 2019
Index-based insurance, a new risk management tool for African farmers
Agriculture is one of the sectors most directly threatened by climate change. The sector is a real growth driver for African economies, employing 60% of the […]
5 June 2019
Post-Cotonou agreement and African agricultural sector
3 questions to… Alfonso Medinilla, European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM) What are the main issues of the ACP-EU partnership with the Post-Cotonou agreement? To […]
20 April 2019
Agri-startups: another facet of the African entrepreneurial revolution
The agricultural potential of the African continent represents an opportunity for new actors to revolutionize the agricultural sector and create new uses. Startups in the agricultural […]
3 April 2019
Developing an agritech ecosystem around bananas: the case of Twiga Food
To unlock Africa’s agricultural potential and its domestic food market, technological innovation will undoubtedly be one of the main levers to be used. It is commonly […]
24 July 2018
Why urban agriculture is an opportunity for African cities
Today, more than half of the world’s population is concentrated in urban centers. In Africa, this phenomenon of urbanization is even more perceptible with the demographic […]
15 July 2018
Agriculture, an opportunity of the African Youth
The future of youth is at the heart of the debates of all African countries. Today, 65% of the population of sub-Saharan Africa is between 15 […]
15 June 2018
Women’s integration into the agriculture sector
Contrary to popular belief, African women are an integral part of the African agricultural sector. The numbers speak for themselves: women make up as much as […]